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Artificial Insemination in Goats and Pigs

Goat with a population of 6088172 in rural and 81021 in urban areas (2012 census) occupies an important role in rural economy of Assam as for the poor farmers. The local goats are blessed with high fecundity combined with ability to breed throughout the year. The locally available Assam hill goat is small in size, mature relatively late and milk production of the is also low in comparison to the other Indian breeds like Beetal , Sirohi etc Artificial Insemination (AI) in Goat –

Why should we adopt AI in Goat

  1. Only method to have the cross breed of local and Beetal or Sirohi or selective breeding of prolific local Assam Hill goat which brings optimum economic benefits in commercial goatary production.
  2. Shortage of male of superior genetic make up in the state for natural service. AI can help multiply the number of service in manifold from a valuable buck.
  3. The farmer's flock is small hence they cannot afford to bear the cost of maintaining the breeding buck.
  4. Symptoms of heat are pronounced and it is easy to detect a doe in estrous.
  5. Contraception rate are fairly satisfactory with A.I. technology in goat.
  6. Considerable potential exist in obtaining two kids from each doe in 13-14 months. The post partum contraception rates with A.I. are quite satisfactory.

Reproductive behaviour of Goat

Breeding Season: The breeding activities in the temperate breeds generally occur in the spring / autumn season of the year. Most of the Indian breeds exhibit estrous( Heat) throughout the year.

HEAT SYMPTOMS IN DOE (female goat): Restlessness, off fed, frequent and peculiar type of bleating, frequent urination, flagging of tail, swollen valva, moist and pink vulval mucosa are few prominent sign of estrous or heat in female goat.

BEST TIME OF A.I.: At the beginning of heat, very little mucus is present. As the estrous progress the mucus is transparent and observed in the floor of vagina. Towards the end of estrous it becomes cloudy which is the best time for breeding (24-30 hrs after onset of estrous or 24-30 hrs after showing the heat symptoms.). At the end of heat period the mucus becomes cheesy. While in case of cattle when the clear thick mucus is hanging from the valva to the floor is the best time for A.I. (16-18 hrs). Double insemination is also practiced in case of doe. First insemination at 24 hrs of onset of heat and second insemination at 12 hrs after first insemination.

  • ALDA Takes up the activity in collaboration with Assam Agricultural University.
  • ALDA took up the activity of A.Iin Goats to reach out for the marginal farmers of the state.
  • 6 numbers of Sirohi bucks has been brought from Silonijan Goat breeding farm for semen collection in 2 batches.(3 of the earlier bucks are shown in the photograph below)
  • The bucks were kept for semen collection in the Byrnihat Goat Research Station under Assam Agricultural University(AAU).
  • Frozen semen of Beetal breed is procured from the AAU for A.I. in Goat and is supplied to some selected areas as per preference of farmers by ALDA.