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Government Of Assam Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Assam Livestock Development Agency

Animal Registration (INAPH)

  • 12 digit unique ID number ear tagging of the animal is a must for initiation of any activity under INAPH. The tagging can be performed to register the animal under INAPH without any event or it can be done first time during A.I of that particular  animal. For recording of subsequent events of that animal( AI / PD / treatment etc) this ID number will act as a reference and shows all previous records of events of that animal .

    INAPH is a revenue village based application. According to the village list( as per census), selected areas/ villages are allotted to a particular  AI worker operating in that region. Presently 43 Lakh animals registered under this system.

    Unique Identification system : The first and mandatory requirement for INAPH  

    • The system of unique Identification number was first introduced in 1985. 
    • In 1987 8 digit ID tag was introduced under DIPA( Dairy herd Improvement Programme Act). 
    • In 2005 ICAR guideline suggested a 15 digit ID number keeping parity with international standard, of which first 3 character will the the country code. 
    • So for use inside the country 12 digit ID number is considered for ear tagging

    The authority of giving the tag number is entrusted to NDDB. On request NDDB can supply the 12 digit bar-coded plastic tags of required specification or can help any end user organization to establish contact with the tag manufacturing company making the ear tag of the standard specification. In the last 10 years about 3.5 crors ear tags with unique ID have been generated in 14 states of the country.