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Government Of Assam Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Assam Livestock Development Agency

Avail A.I. Service

  • Checklist:

    • To avail the A.I. service any farmer is eligible having livestock with him
    • The farmer has to bear the cost of Frozen Semen Straw used for A.I. 
    • The farmer has to follow the guidelines post A.I. 


    As per the mandate of NPCBB, AI facilities were introduced in 300 departmental institutions. Assam has 1275 rural AI centers throughout the state and A.I. service is provided according to the need of dairy farmers at their doorstep as and when required. This subsequently extends employment to the unemployed youths of the state. 

    Process Flow

    Semen is collected at Barapetta FSBS and transferred to Khanapara CFSB. And from CFSB the semen is transferred to all 14 FSBs and sunsequently to all the field AI centres, need based transfer of semen is done from 55 lit big container to 3 lit portable container, carrying of LN & FS to field and finally  A.I. is performed at the farmer's doorstep. 

    Eligibility Criteria

    There is no such eligibility criteria, any dairy farmer wants his cow to be bred with and improve breed can go for A.I. service. 


     The farmer has to bear the cost of Frozen Semen i.e. Rs.50 per straw. 

    Documents Required

     The data of Frozen Semen straw and the cow (inseminated) description should be recorded.

    Important Timeline

     1. The farmer must inform the exact time of initiation of heat symptoms,

    2. After A.I. the cow must be observed for 24 hours in captive condition.

    How to apply

     There is no such application as A.I. is a continuos process, however he must inform to the nearest A.I. centre for performinf A.I.

    Type of Service

    This is a type of offline service

    Whom to Contact

     Nearest Government A.I. centre or Private A.I. worker (Gopal Mitra)