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Government Of Assam Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Assam Livestock Development Agency

Apply to be a Private A.I. Worker


  • The applicant must be educated and unemployed
  • He must fulfill the eligibility crieria  


Lack of trained manpower under State Government network is one of the main reason for not achieving the desired result of A.I. coverage.The number Govt AI centers are not sufficient to cover the entire population especially those farmers residing outside the serviceable area of the Govt centers as Artificial Insemination(AI) programme demands 24 hours service accessibility to the AI centers. 

So to increase the coverage the only viable alternative is outsourcing of the AI activity in the interior most areas beyond departmental service network. This was achieved by selection of interested unemployed educated youths from the interior area and providing training to them on AI as per GoI guideline and introduce them as Private A.I. workers or Gopal Mitra(GM) to make breeding inputs available at farmer’s doorstep of those areas. 


Process Flow

Selection of the worker based on his eligibility criteria is done and a free of cost institutional training is provided for two and a half months in departmental traning centres and one and a half month hands on training under the nearest veterinary doctor is provided before he/she becomes eligible to practise Private Artificial Insemination.

Eligibility Criteria

He/She should be willing to be an A.I. worker

Education : He/She should have the minimum education of studying till 7 to 8th standard

He/she should have an understandin of and a direct link to cattle rearing

He/she should be in a area where the minimum cattle population is 2000 to be economically sustainable

His/Her operational area should be beyond a radius of 5km from any Government established A.I. Service Centre


Guidelines for filling the form

There are no such guidelines 



Documents Required

 Proof of Educational Qualification and his biodata. 

Important Timeline

Four months training is provided before he/she can be a A.I. Worker

How to apply

Fill the application form and submit to the training cell, ALDA through respective district veterinary officers.

Type of Service

Offline Service

Forms to be filled

 Application in plain paper to district veterinary officer through the local veterinary officers is required.

Whom to Contact

1. Dr.Motiur Rahman

Manager, Training and Consultancy

Ph. No.: 88761 60429

2. Respective District Veterinary Officers

3. Respective Veterinary officer of his area or area of the applicant.