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Government Of Assam Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Assam Livestock Development Agency

INAPH : An overview


INAPH is a group of seven applications working synergistically developed by NDDB in collaboration with INFOSYS.  It covers Animal Breeding, Veterinary, Laboratory back up, Animal Nutrition. The earlier version of the application INAPH  - 1  was launched in 2008. Now the second version INAPH – 2 is working from 2012. INAPH also covers the CMU recognized semen stations with registered bulls by the application called INSPRM. 

  • To maintain a national level database on productivity enhancement related activities.
  • To provide IT infrastructure for Productivity Enhancement service providers & EIA’s. 
  • To record activities of Animal Breeding, Progeny Testing, Nutrition and Health programs in the field.
  • To give information support to Managers, and Technicians  to monitor & control  their  field programs.
  • To evaluate & estimate Breeding Values of bulls & bull mothers on the basis of their daughters’ performance thru field based progeny testing program.
  • To generate information for monitoring & evaluation of progress, for making mid-course corrections, and for planning of future activities.
  • INAPH makes services reliable to farmers ,easy to access, timely information to farmers regarding all kinds of welfare (health, productivity) information for their cows and buffaloes
  • INAPH application can run on different devices we can deployment them on desktop, PDA, windows Mobile, Not book.

Key Features 

  • Application works in online and offline.
  • Multiple user interface with user level access and permissions to data
  • All users data integrated into core system i.e. Central services portal
  • Real- time console with alerts

INAPH has 7 different applications                                     

  • Animal registration
  • AI service delivery
  • Progeny Testing
  • Health & Disease reporting
  • Nutrition – Ration Balancing.
  • Lab analysis
  • Stock Management
  • In order to know more, refer to the link : INAPH 


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